EZM Videos

EZ Motorbike Videos

EZ Motorbike Videos

EZM Hill Climb

Proof of The EZMotorbike’s Engine kit ability to climb hills

EZM Automatic

A clip showing the EZ Motorbike in action. These engine kits are incredible for a 49cc engine that easily installs on most if not all bicycle cruisers. Check out the info on www.ezmotorbike.com

EZM in Action

A return to American ingenuity, design and engineering, our new company is bringing back old fashioned values in the form of the EZ MotorBike kit. Announcing the re-birth of old-fashioned American quality and business practices; we will not be content with being second best.


Sweetest 4 stroke on the suburban highways of today. 2008 Whizzer Ambassador Chopper Motorbike

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