Now…we’re expanding our line of replacement parts for Whizzer!!

I think we all know that the major owner of EZMotorbike, Inc. is none other than Mr. Quenton Guenther.  I know him as “Lee” so forgive me if that’s the name I use. Lee has won more races, drags, restoration events, trophies, and awards for his Whizzer motorbikes than anyone else alive!  And, for many of you with Whizzer bikes, I just wanted to let you know that he’s STILL Mr. Whizzer! When I visited his shop a few days ago, he was “knee deep” into a problematic Whizzer motor, and just about had all the problems fixed. Can’t find a part…he’s probably got it.  Your clutch worn out and you can’t find another one?  Well…I can’t tell you about that yet, but suffice it to say, “That won’t be a problem much longer.”  Shhhhh…..Stay tuned.

All in all, this little company is kicking down the doors and spreading out like oil on the water.  Stay tuned…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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