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Become an EZM Dealer

Dealerships are AVAILABLE. Get in on the GROUND FLOOR of what promises to be a BIG WINNER!!

Becoming an EZMotorbike dealer is very simple. We recommend that you have at least a nominal mechanical ability, and that you know a little something about “how things work” when it comes to motors, belts, linkages, etc. No need to be any expert, mind you…and we’re always here to help.

First, you will need to complete and submit the form below.  It’s very simple, just a name and email address.

Second, you will need to download, complete, and mail the following forms to us.

These are forms that provide our company with some security in that you won’t divulge certain trade secrets you will likely learn, and you won’t compete against us by offering a product that is exactly like ours. Mind you, we don’t care if you sell other name brands, we just don’t want anyone copying our ideas, and we know you won’t!

Third, once you we receive your completed forms, you will be required to purchase at least one kit at the time your dealership is established. You may purchase it for your own use, or sell it…that’s up to you. We will email you instructions with a special dealer discount code. We do encourage you to keep one for yourself, enjoy it, and send us your comments.

We are always going to be in an “update and make better” phase, so the more input we get, the better. I really want to talk to you before you just jump right in, so contact me via email and get started on the ground floor of something that is going to be BIG!! (Don’t YOU think people want to go 200 miles on a single gallon of gas? We do!

Hey…this is FUN, profitable, economical, and did I mention FUN? What have you got to lose? As of this moment, kits are available and you can become a dealer TODAY!! Let me hear from you….I’m the new dealer sign up guy, and I’m eager to earn my keep!

Please call Mr. Guenther at 252-475-0406 with any questions concerning becoming an EZM dealer.  Our network is growing, and we currently have dealers in virtually every state. Get in early….we are going to limit the total number of dealers per state.  Right now, all states are open.  Act quickly.

Interested? Complete the form below and get started on the path to becoming an EZ Motorbike dealer.

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