150MPG at 30+ MPH

What’s an EZ Motorbike?

EZ Motorbike Company

E Z Motorbike….. it’s an idea whose time has come! Gasoline prices are off the scale already, and we all know they will continue to go up! But, how would you like to pay less than three cents per mile for transportation? Virtually no pollution, fun to ride, extremely economical, and highly reliable! That’s what an EZ Motorbike is.

But, forget all that! Even though this is a money saver for sure, well….it’s just FUN. It’s COOL, Man! You drive into the service station for two bucks worth of gas, and you spend 20 minutes talking to other people who want to know where you got it. I know that will happen, because it happens to me all the time!

Imagine having a box arrive at your home. You (and your kids?) open the box, take an afternoon to mount the engine and tank…crank it up…and ride away through the neighborhood . In most states, age restrictions are low, there’s no need for insurance, no licensing, and all you need is a good helmet.

For young people about to get their driver’s license, it’s a great “entry level” machine that will allow them to learn traffic laws and regulations, and to respect their right to drive and the rights of others.

We have people riding these machines all over America….even one unit that has over 15,000 trouble free miles on it!  Yes….you read it right!  FIFTEEN THOUSAND MILES! This is a high quality, well made machine that won’t disappoint you or leave you stranded. Even if you run out of gas (at 150 miles per gallon…not real likely!), you can still pedal home!!

Try one of these fun, friendly, and exciting machines and you will never be sorry you did. I ride mine all the time, and I love it!

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