An Even Smoother Ride!!

The EZM kit is the smoothest and easiest to maintain kit anywhere.  But, there is one addition that can make it even smoother and quieter.

We now offer a belt drive clutch that can replace the chain drive clutch for the rear wheel.       Very simple to change over, and available right now!  Here’s the clutch you likely have on your EZM ……StandardClutch2

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using the standard set-up the way it is included in the kit.  But…making the change to a rear belt drive reduces vibration and noise and makes the EZM even more fun to ride.  And…there’s nothing to it.  Just remove the sprocket from the clutch housing by opening the “C-clip”…and taking out the chain sprocket.  Like this…..BeltClutch

The sprocket comes right out, leaving a “sprocket shaped” hole in the clutch housing.  Next step, just insert the replacement pulley.  Here ya’ go….RingTakenOff


Now…add the new part, and replace the “C-clip”…..ClutchDisassembled

BAM! Mount the rear belt pulley on your wheel, install the belt…and take off on the smoothest ride in motorbiking!  Get in touch with us if you need more details, and we’ll make this happen!


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