Did your bike break? No problem…

I mean, it used to be a problem….very often with the “Grubee” and the “Hoot” drives.  Now, a broken Grubee, Hoot, and many other problematic drives, is just an easy repair away from “on the road again!!”  Read on……

Those little chain or gear driven transmissions that have proven to be a real problem after just a short period of time….well…they continue to be a problem, at least within themselves.  The bearings wear out, the chain gets too slack, they make too much noise, the bearings disintegrate…and after a few hundred miles, they just can’t go any further.

Then, you’re left with a motor, a tank, and all the things you need to make the bike go…but no transmission! When you remove the unit, you’ll find a drive shaft that’s only about 3/4 of an inch long, tapered shaft, and no way to mount a pulley.

Grubee drive removed....

Well…until now, that is!

EZM has solved that problem.  Get your dusty old bike out of the corner and get ready to ride again!  Our engineering department has developed an inexpensive adapter that will allow you to mount a pulley on the motor….bolt on one of our new “Q-Matic Pacesetter” drives, and quickly gain all the benefits of the newest motorbike transmission on the market.


Quick ratio changes, LONG LONG life, smooth power “from the motor to the ground!”, and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re riding the best.  One of our earliest “Q-matic” drives has long passed 15,000 miles, and is still going! And…if you can believe this…the owner of that particular bike pulls a trailer with his grandkids in it!!!  What FUN!


Forget the problems, the noise, and the inefficiency….get in touch with me and I’ll tell you how you can start enjoying your ride again!!  It also works just fine with the new “Pacesetter” drive.  Come on….let’s RIDE!!


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