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EZM Complete Kit

Here it is, the complete EZM Kit.  Includes everything you need...and we mean EVERYTHING to motorize your bicycle.  Motor, tank, transmission, all cables, all fuel lines, even the nuts and bolts.  Not a single part is needed that is not in this kit.

We have kits that have traveled almost 15,000 miles.....TROUBLE FREE.  This entire transmission is 100% American made parts of the highest quality.  Yes...others are less expensive, but ours is smoother, quieter, and is like the famous Bunny Rabbit.  They just keep going. and going, know the story.

Yes, we use motors that are made outside the U.S.  But, we have literally hundreds of thousands of miles on hundreds upon hundreds of these motors....with NO problems.  No one was ever sorry they bought the best, and you won't be either.  Shop the Internet, check out the blogs, and see what everyone is talking about.  EZM.  Simply spoken...THE BEST THERE IS.


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