Monthly Archives: August 2012

Adjusting the HuaSheng 142F (49cc) carburetor

In order to adjust the carburetor it is necessary to warm the motor up first. The motor should have at least 5 minutes running time before any adjustments are made. On the left side of the carburetor near the front is the idle mixture screw. On the HuaSheng motor the idle mixture screw is a fuel adjustment, not an air Continue Reading...
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EZ Motorbike Company

Although we launched the research & development segment of our new company almost a year ago, we still have more work to do. After a lot of data was collected concerning the problems with attaching a motor to a bicycle, we elected to solve as many of these issues as possible.

We started our quest by looking into the past and found the vintage Whizzer motor kit was one of...

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